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Integrated Personal Commissioning

“We are determined to give people more power and control over their own healthcare rather than just informing people about decisions taken by others on their behalf.”
Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England

Integrated Personal Commissioning (or IPC) is a new approach to joining up health, social care and other services (such as education for children and young people) at the level of each individual. It enables people, carers and families to control the resources available to them and to shape their own care. It also supports people to make the most of the community resources around them and to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence.

IPC is one of the 'new models of care' set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View the vision for the future of the NHS set out in 2014. A detailed account of the IPC approach is given in the IPC Emerging Framework (May 2016 - pdf, new window)

In the South West...
The South West IPC programme is one of 9 demonstrator sites across the country. A partnership of Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities, a range of voluntary and community sector organisations and others are developing the approach for:

  • Children with complex needs and their families
  • People with severe learning disabilities
  • People with multiple long term conditions, including older people living with frailty
  • People with significant mental health needs


See more videos on the South West IPC YouTube channel... 


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South West Forum is supporting the SW IPC programme to engage with voluntary and community sector partners. For more information about our role please contact Simon Mayell - simon@southwestforum.org.uk | 01392 961962