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Impact and ValuESS 2013-14

The Impact and ValuESS project is a transnational partnership between South West Forum and two social economy support organisations in Brittany - Réso Solidaire and Adess. It is funded through the EU Interreg programme.

The main aim of the project is to enable more productive relationships between social purpose organisations (SPOs) and the Public and Private sector to encourage opportunities for increased service delivery. There are three main work areas involved:

  • Building a case for Good Impact Practice
  • Strengthening Definitions around Social Value
  • Developing Private Sector Partnerships
View the project summary here... for more information (pdf, opens in new window)
View Understanding Social Impact Assessment - A UK French Perspective here... (pdf, new window)
View Defining Social Value - A UK - FR Perspective here...
Read the latest project newsletter here...
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