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Equipped for the Future?

infographicBetween November 2016 and January 2017 we ran an online survey of social purpose organisations in the South West.

We wanted to gain an insight into the state of the sector in the South West and use this information to influence government, public bodies and other policy and decision-makers.

The importance of voluntary and community sector engagement in key areas of policy and service development has probably never been more evident or strongly articulated. We wanted to know whether this was being matched by experience on the ground.

We wanted to know whether organisations were getting the support they needed – and if not, why not. The provision of support for social purpose organisations has undergone considerable change in recent years with the shift to a more market driven approach. 

Read the report from our findings here... (pdf)

Click here... to see our infographic summary full size... or take a look at the survey data here... (pdf)

Our thanks to all the individuals and organisations who took part in the survey – we really appreciate your time and effort and hope you will be able to use the findings of the research to inform and support your own work.

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